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Organizing your life, day, schedule, plan can be overwhelming. Feel like too much.

Sometimes we don't even know where to start. So we don't. 


Ambitious We Life Coaching is your first step. 

Create a plan, find your confidence, know your value and own your time.

Make a change today by booking a discovery session today.



Here at Ambitious WE, we will help you to organize your life to open more time for yourself and things you like to do.
Ambitious WE strongly believe that every woman out there has a huge potential to live a life she deserves and always wanted. But sometimes, this great potential needs organization and planning.
Ambitious WE Life Coach is organized, plan-oriented, and a problem solver.
Kateryna Armenta managed and organized communities, and now she can help you too with her personal and unique aproche.

What Life Coach does?

  • Ambitious WE life coach helps you dream big and stretch your horizons to create a vision for your life and then helps you make a plan to get there.

  • Ambitious WE life coach holds you accountable to yourself by holding you to higher expectations and standards and reminding you what you’re doing it all for.

  • Ambitious WE life coach challenges you to see your true potential and to settle for nothing less than all that you are meant to be.

  • Ambitious WE life coach helps you find meaning in the challenges in your life and give your pain a purpose.

  • Ambitious WE life coach helps you stay committed in those times when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or become distracted by life’s uncertainties.

  • Ambitious WE life coach is your supporter that you can depend on when the people in your life don’t believe in you or your vision.

  • The most important, Ambitious WE life coach believes you have everything you need to get where you want to be.  

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One on One sessions are for action-takers.

We’ll work from the inside to identify and address the root causes of why you feel stuck, before creating a way for breakthroughs and exciting growth. 

Ambitious WE Life Coach creates an experience to help you find your own answers.

Ambitious WE Life Coach has the ability to look at your issues without judgment.

Ambitious WE Life Coach employs a process along with the proven tools to help you get new results.

Ambitious WE Life Coach transformed their life first—a no better testament to life coaching.


Do you have plans to take your life or project to the next level? Are you an ambitious woman seeking like-minded individuals to collaborate and brainstorm with? If so, Ambitious WE Mastermind Group might be the right place for you. 

Ambitious WE mastermind group is self-starting individuals who share innovative ideas, common struggles, powerful support systems, and creative solutions to challenges women face during new life shifts.


Join Our Membership where we support each other in all beginnings and achievements. We celebrate you as a woman and help you to find your life goals and ways to reach them. We learn together and we encourage each other. We don't judge.



See what others say.

I loved working with Kateryna - from start to finish it's been a life-changing journey. During our first session, she really made it a point to dive deep and uncover the areas of my life that needed a makeover and developed a plan to work through each of them. Kateryna helped me to realize my true strengths and provided guidance at every step of the way. I feel that I've grown so much in my personal life as well as a business owner. Kateryna has exceeded my expectations, I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Irina Lenko



Kateryna Armenta, CLC interviews successful women.

Hear their stories, if they can do it so can you.



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