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Ambitious Woman Creation- Step 1

There were 2 life-changing turns in my life that I clearly remember. It is not just happened; it happened when I was a teenager.

This time I will tell you about the first one that I remember.

That summer, when I was a 12-year-old girl who grew up 5 inches in 5 months. It would be great news, but my back was not ready for it. My mom took me to the doctor to determine why my back looks so wrong, and I can't hold myself straight up. So there were several bad news we found out that day. My right leg was an inch shorter than my left, and my back mussels just couldn't support my back because they stretched too fast.

So I listened to all of that and had some medication prescribed, but the main suggestion the doctor gave me and my mom is I must start to exercise; otherwise, I am looking at life with horrible posture and health issues.

I remember he looked at me and said:

Girl, it is only your choice to fix this or not.

So I walked out from there, slightly shocked and speechless...

To give you a little bit of background, I lived in Ukraine. My family, like most others, worked hard to pay bills and put food on the table. So I barely saw my parents at home; they always worked. My mom simply didn't have time for me. Not even talking about taking me to exercise 3 times a week.

So I remember the next day in the evening I told my mom that I heard of an aerobic class 25 minutes away from our home by walking and I will see if I can join it.

I walked into the class like a lost girl, and everyone looked at me like, "what did you forget over here?". It was not a friendly atmosphere.

But I come back next time and next time again and did it for 4 years then changed to dance and to something else and I am still doing it for 20 years now.

What I had in my mind then?

I wanted to be healthy and I knew it all depended on me!

Remember, everything in this life depends on you and nobody else.

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