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Are You a Fan Of New Year's Resolutions?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Here we are again! Another year of our life flew by, and we are patiently waiting for the next year, hoping it will be better than this if we start it on the right foot.

New Yeats resolution seems like - the right foot for many. But is it really true? Let's see some statistics below.

38,5% of US adults set New Year’s resolutions every year.

59% of young adults (18-34) have New Year’s resolutions, which makes it the largest demographic that sets these goals.

23% quit in the first week, and only 36% make it past the first month.

9% successfully keep their New Year’s resolutions

So if we all already know, Resolutions don't work, why is it still the #1 way to improve our lives for the next year?

Statista gave us a glance at what Americans 2022 Resolutions looked like. The top 2 are Living Healthier and Personal improvement and happiness. Losing weight is in the 3rd place.

And 7% don't know or have none at all. (Not sure if it is good or bad... since it doesn't work nine times out of a 10)

In this article, I want you to participate and share what you use and what works for you.

What planning tools do you use at the begging of the year?

  • New Years Resolution

  • 10-Year Plan, then planing the year accordingly

  • Reflect, Review, and Create a Year Plan

  • Vision Board

You can vote for more than one answer.

Now, if you are 9% of those who keep their New Year Resolutions, I want to congratulate you! You are a rare phenomenon. And I definitely have what to learn from you.

But for nine people out of 10, they don't work. So if you are those nine people, continue reading because I have something that might work for you and how you can start.

You will need the following:

  • Notepad/paper or a journal

  • Pen

  • 30 minutes of your precious time

  • Willingness to do something different than before

There are a few tools I love to use, and they work for different types of people.

Big Plan -Small Steps

Imagine that you hired a life coach. You pay her/him a crazy amount of money (whatever it is in your understanding: 5k,10K, 50K, 100K ) because she/he promises to get more than you want.

Now, this is the most significant investment in yourself you have ever made! What should the results be in a year for this to be the best investment in your life? - Write a list of everything that comes to your mind. Now multiply it by 10 and write it again. Scary and seems impossible, right?

But if you aim for bigger chances, you will initially get what you want or maybe even more.

Now circle the top few important out of this list and think what the smallest step you can take towards this goal.

This is important! Every time you complete the smallest step, ask what the next smallest one would be.

Keep going until one day you realize you are standing where you dreamed of being years ago.

Three SMART Goals

Here I am not planning to go over what smart means. You can find it everywhere or take the online program to look deep into this. I will also offer you a free worksheet HERE to help you tremendously.

My theory is that even if you reach one goal a year, you can say it was a good year. This is how I felt when I wrote and published my book in August. I told my friend even if the year would end now, I had accomplished what I am planned and was ready for the following year. Good thing I had four more months, so I started to write the next book and created a planner as well. Think about this!

One Healthy Habit

For some people, all of this is very overwhelming. But they will feel accomplished if they can stick to one healthy habit.

Pick a habit. Set up your house and everything around you to support this healthy habit. Do you need a partner or an accountability check? Get that lined up and decide how many days you will stick to it. Put a calendar on the wall, and every day you do it, mark it off.

So what do you think about any of this?

Might one work for you? If yes, comment below which one you would try and when you want to start.

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