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Did You Look Around Lately?

Here is a great question to start with.

I had a light going over my head when I drove someone's car.

Here is a big insight:

I opened the door and sat down in the car; looking around; I realized it had been neglected for some time. Simply put, they do not take care of things immediately and accumulate everything everywhere.

I thought to myself, for how long was this happening? Small trash in all possible places. Honestly, I thought this place needed some good cleaning and purging.

But what came next was the most crucial insight I had for the last week. We sometimes neglect and mistreat the places we live or things we use. The closet and the car for us usually will show what kind of personality you are dilling with.

I'd like to talk about those two things only for now.

How does it look at this specific moment? Do you keep it organized at all times, or will you let it get a little bit messy and then clean it? Or it is a complete mess, and you can't find anything anywhere.

I had a friend who owned a big company and had an interesting way of hiring people. He would send someone to look inside their car when they would come for an interview. He would make a final decision based on that. You are hired if it is clean and neat; if not, they will not work with you.

You might say it is unfair, my personal property, and I can do what I want in my personal space. And you are absolutely right, but it does say a lot about your personality. So if you can't keep your car organized, then what to say about someone else business or account...

But what is the big insight of this situation?

I realized it applies to our lives and our mindsets.

We neglect it, leave things unfinished and messy, and the time comes for extensive cleaning and purging. But not many of us do it because it is not like a car or a closet in your face daily, but it could be a little bit unnoticeable at first. You know it is there, and something needs to be done, but you prefer to play hide and seek with yourself, pretending it is not there.

Going into a new year, let's look around and think about what parts of your life were neglected, what needs a deep cleaning, and what needs to get reed off.

I will only list a few to give you an idea.


I hear people say; I don't know where my money goes... Time to find out and look at what you spend money for; possibly, something takes more than you expected and needs to be organized again.


Sometimes some relationships don't serve us in any way and suck energy and life out of us. Two ways to approach this revive it or leave it.


Too many limiting beliefs will hold you back more than anything else in your life. It may be time to find them and replace them with something much more positive.

Living space

Since we started with it, let's look around and see if some cleaning and dusting needs to be done.

I hope you get the idea.


I get it; something that was neglected for a long, difficult to organize again. It does require a lot of work, but it is possible. And if you need any help to set your mind to it, I do this.

My consultation is free.

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