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Effects of stress on mental health- here’s what you should know

Chronic stress can negatively impact your mental health as well as your body. You may be encountering stress from various sources, including work, health, money, and relationship and as a result, you feel overwhelmed after a specific time. You may find hardly any time to relax and disengage from the regular chores.

According to a report by American Psychological Association, the effects of stress can directly hit your mood and behavior. As a result, you may experience a lack of motivation, anxiety, restlessness, anger, an outburst of anger, social withdrawal, etc.

How can stress affect mental health?

According to research, stress causes to release the of neurotransmitters. In turn, it affects the areas of the brain for regulating emotions. Unable to cope with the overwhelming feeling may cause mental health problems. Consequently, it may worsen the existing problems too. Combating the mental health issues will exacerbate the entire scenario by adding more stress.

Cognitive issues caused by stress

Chronic stress can alter the nervous system. It changes the brain's parts that are responsible for attentiveness, memory, and problem-solving. People who are facing stress may have difficulty learning new information. Additionally, the onslaught of pressure may lead to indecisiveness and confusion. Frequent stress or traumatic events may lead to personality changes.

1. Impulsive behavior

Sometimes, human beings take such actions which we shouldn't be taking. From eating voraciously without feeling hungry to taking another drink on a weeknight- controlling impulsive behavior could be a tremendous challenge. Due to working hard for the whole day/entire week, stress triggers the anxiety level and ultimately compels us towards impulsive behavior. Almost 19 million American adults are suffering from impulsive behavior.

2. Panic disorder

You shouldn't undermine the detrimental effects of stress. It could raise things like panic attacks and that too without any warning. Fear and terror are not proportioned to the same scenario during a panic attack. People don't know what is happening around them and how they should react. Dizziness, faintness, tingling in the hands, chest pains, and difficulty breathing may occur once anyone starts experiencing panic disorders due to chronic stress.

3. Decreased productivity

A fair amount of stress may make you feel motivated while performing under pressure. However, feeling too stressed would lead you to burnout. Your brain may stop functioning, and you're in the middle of nowhere. As a result, you'll lose your productivity level soon. Being productive involves using energy and time wisely. It helps you to make progress and get things done accordingly. The more you feel stressed due to the ongoing workload, the more it will aggravate the condition.

4. Lack of focus

Stress may have a direct effect on your concentration level. Obviously, when you're not focused, you can't be productive. In turn, forgetting regular chores or performing low while processing new things could tarnish your goodwill. Ongoing stress could play an instrumental role in burning out your energy level. You cannot focus on something even if you desire to do it.

5. Difficulty in communication

Communication is an inalienable part of our regular life. It plays a pivotal role in connecting and conveying information between two parties. However, stress can destroy the healthy cycle of communication. When you're burned out after a day's hectic schedule, you may find barely any energy to communicate with your family or friends. Conversely, trudging through the heaps of work throughout the day also drains out your ability to share feelings with anyone effectively. Therefore, you may miss the family life that is happening now.

6. Lack of interest in enjoyable activities

While you are in the midst of chronic stress, you may lose interest in exciting activities. Due to chronic stress, you don't prefer to do the activities like earlier. Yes, recreation is indeed effective in flushing out a day's labor. However, if you're stressed already, you'll barely find any energy to proceed with any new activities.

7. Withdrawal from friends and family

Your friends and family are an integral part of your life. They will motivate you and be there for you throughout your life's thick and thin times. However, stress will directly hit the healthy relationship between you and your near and dear ones. It will work as a constraint, and as a result, you cannot talk freely with your family and friends. With time, either you may lose interest in them, or they will find you incapable of coping with stress. Therefore, the huge flood of emotions will diminish gradually.

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