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Few small adjustments that can change your life like the touch of magic wand.

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same” – Colin R.


You may think that making positive changes is a daunting task. Just how hard? Billions of

denizens face persisting issues, including unhealthy behavior, severe financial difficulties, etc. Their habits are the lynchpin of these problems, which leads them to utter disappointment. 

Kateryna Armenta, the founder of Ambitious WE, helps people live a happier and more

fulfilling life. During the initial stage, she learned about the minor adjustments that led her venture to reach dizzying new heights. 

She shared her personal struggles about how she improved her habits. She confirmed that a few minor adjustments could be the cornerstone of a significant, undeniable change. 

Do you want to change the direction of your ship by incorporating positive steps?

If yes, you are in the right place to perceive the notions towards changing your life. 

These adjustments can drastically change your life. 

1.Set productivity hour

You may be working through the productivity slumps during your workday. Therefore, it resulted in substandard output despite your best efforts. According to The Alternative Board (TAB), 84% of business owners feel well after 40 hours of the week, and the rest feel overwhelmed by the respective workload. 

However, logging more hours doesn’t mean more productivity. Instead, note down when you

are producing maximum output. That is your productivity hour. It may be at the start of your

working hours. Use your knowledge trove and incorporate the same in your work. Also,

implement your collective thoughts, which will mix with your work and help you to extract

the best output from you. 

Pay attention to your daily habits along with your energy and focus levels. For instance, you

can be an early bird or night owl based on feeling the most attentive.


2.Stick to your decision 

Imagine one fine morning you take an oath to finish your pending tasks. It may be either the

pending office tasks or the household chores. However, the next day you are into the daily

things while forgetting about your promises. Does it make sense? 

Irrespective of the cataclysmic situations, try to stick to your promises. You have determined

something under given circumstances that can affect your daily lifestyle. Consequently, it can

bring you a deluge of happiness. So, the standing firm will lead you towards success.

Complete your role for given tasks. Maybe you can learn from there too, which will help to

eliminate any awful situation. 

3.Read/listen to books

According to a study, American adults read nearly eight books on an average in a year. On

the other hand, children under 17 read nine books at least in a year. Reading books can help

you accumulate more knowledge, followed by perceiving several notions about life and its

belongings. Making a habit of reading books will raise a gargantuan flood of emotions inside

you. The more you read, the more you learn. If you get barely any time to read a book, read at

least one page a day. Make this one of your habits from today. 

Also, you can listen to audiobooks from several sources. Audible is a good store of various

storybooks and podcasts. You can listen on the go by downloading the application on your


4.Brainstorm ideas

Ideas are the mother of successful task completion. You ideate it, write it and last but not

least, implement the same-it’s that simple. Besides, write about your ideas in a notepad. It

could be starting a new blog, a business plan, or something out-of-the-box. Jot down your

thoughts and start researching. The momentum will create on its own once you immerse

yourself in the task. 

5.Interact with one new person every week 

We meet new people while performing our regular activities. However, under given

circumstances, it may not be possible to interact with them personally. Try to interact with at

least one person in a week and learn about their regular chores. Ask them how they perceive

notions about life and the vision. Maybe you will get the keys to solving your persisting

problems without affecting your activities. The more you interact, the more you can learn the

interspersed things related to our life. 

6.Find an inspiring person around you

With a heap of workload, you are already trudging through the entire week. To eliminate all

the pressure, you need solace to calm down your brain from being further jaded. Who can

help you better than a super motivated person? Find someone around you who will give you

the right directions. Hence, you will get the idea to hatch up on your next steps. 

Interacting with a positive-minded person not only enriches with inspiring thoughts, but you

will also learn to combat the ongoing issues of your life. Don’t digress, and don’t ramble. Just

stay laser-focused. 

7.Be thankful to people

A simple word “Thank you” is enough to feel someone overwhelmed. Irrespective of the

circumstances, be grateful to those ones who have helped/nurtured you. Also, send them a

personalized note with a decent gift. A dollop of happiness will leave them bemused. 

Additional tips to boost your success 

Success entails consistent hard work and perseverance. However, it also needs robust ideation

plans that will help break the nut. Following tips will act as the fuel of your work engine.

Let’s check-

● Do the things you are passionate about.

● Ask yourself questions.

● Learn from the failure and start your next venture. Don’t let failure be a hindrance. 

● Lear from the people who is better then you.

● Leverage the power of rejection. 

Summing up 

There is no doubt these simple yet effective practices will help you to hatch up on your next

moves. We recommend visiting a life coach to get personalized one-to-one solutions

regarding your life goals. It can change the entire momentum. 

What are your thoughts? Do you plan to visit a life coach?

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