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How to Unlock Business Ideas and Insights in the Natural World

Everyone knows that spending time outdoors can do wonders for our mental and physical health. But did you know that it can also be good for business? Taking inspiration from nature can help you build a business that’s adaptable, resilient, and sustainable. And the lessons you learn in the great outdoors can help you better understand your values and biases. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, camping, or kayaking, look to the natural world to learn how you can build a business that stands the test of time! Here are some tips from Ambitious WE to help you get started on the right foot.

Prioritize Diversity and Flexibility

Nature is incredibly diverse. That’s what makes it so adaptable! Try to apply similar principles to your business to safeguard against unexpected obstacles and ensure your business will always thrive in the face of adversity. Diversity and inclusion will bring new ideas, insights, and perspectives to your business. To create diversity at your new business, Firstup suggests creating a workplace culture that makes people feel proud of their background. Acknowledge and honor different religious and cultural practices. Importantly, make sure all of your employees feel heard and respected!

Explore Interconnected Systems

The natural environment consists of countless interconnected systems. Look for ways to mirror this same interconnectedness at your business. Instead of exploiting natural resources and creating waste, try to create interdependencies to feed used resources back into your business. Seek to optimize your business structures and organizational systems in regard to how each component works together to support the overall system.

Also, regardless of its positive intentions, no business can reach its fullest potential without advertising. So if you’re unfamiliar with search engine optimization and other modern advertising strategies related to web publishing, learn more here. Your business will thank you.

Adopt Eco-Friendly Values

Spending time in nature can encourage you to adopt eco-friendly values, supporting both your business and the planet. According to, shoppers all over the world are looking to make sustainable purchases, and more than a third of consumers are willing to pay more for green products!

While going green can be good for business, try to see sustainability as more than just a business opportunity. Running a business in an eco-friendly manner is the only acceptable way to do business. Build your business around this fundamental value, and you’ll attract customers who appreciate your authenticity.

Also, do your best to lead by example. For instance, depending on your business’s walk score – that is, its proximity to other locations where people run errands or go for lunch – try to leave the cars where they are and get some exercise and fresh air.

Business Startup Pointers

If being outdoors inspires you to start a business, write up a list of startup tasks to keep your thoughts organized. Launching a business is a lot of work! It’s easy to get overwhelmed without an organized plan.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a business structure and register with your state. Spend some time researching business structures to determine which is right for your business. For example, forming an LLC will provide you with certain legal protections and tax benefits, as well as reduced paperwork. Just be sure to check your state rules and research how to start an LLC in Florida before moving forward.

As you navigate your business startup steps, consider taking some business management classes or exploring mentoring options from someone who already did or is doing what you want to start. Business coaching is another go-to tool where you can explore new ways to run your business and get more income.


The great outdoors offers an endless source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. If you’re planning on starting a business, look for ways to incorporate principles of nature to build a business that’s flexible, diverse, sustainable, and resilient. Break ground on your business by forming an LLC and enrolling in an online business program. Take it one step at a time, and your startup is bound to succeed!

Ambitious WE offers career and life coaching that can help you reach your fullest potential. Call (850) 601-8660.

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