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I Didn't Expect To See You Again.

People who read my book and met me in person to ask what was before I moved to the U. S. all say you need to write a book about that.

I think I will in the next few years, and believe me; I have a lot to tell, enough for another exciting book. And even more of that came up recently after my vacation on the Celebrity Cruises.

But what happened at the end of our vacation, something that I definitely didn't expect, and made even more memories come up. Read till the end to find out what it was.

I tried to find a picture from 10 years ago in front of the other ship from my second contract, but this one is all I had.

So here it is!

If you didn't know before, I moved here to look for a better life. I worked two contracts on the cruise ship with Princess Cruises. It was times that made me who I am today and helped me to fight any fears I had in front of a big world. When I worked on the ship, I looked at all passengers enjoying their lives and thought it would be me one day.

Let me tell you, and it took 10 years before I went on my own trip on the cruise. I had the finances to do it before but had other trips on the list, like France and Italy. Ten years later, I walked into this new 2020 Celebrity Apex, wondering what had changed for workers here. Is it any better? Or is it still the same?

I had time to ask some questions. I am glad I did. I was almost sure that it changed and improved, to find out that those positions that were hand didn't change at all. But now it looked like people from different countries had more chances to take many other positions that were almost impossible before. Now you would see singers, musicians, and performers from Romania, the Philippines, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and other countries, unlike before. The shift is happening, and there are opportunities for everyone.

Why am I telling you any of this? Here is why.

Picture from my cruise on Celebrity at the beginning of 2023.

I made a list of things to remember when beginning your path to something greater when you have to start again, when life knocks you down, and you are trying to get back on your feet. Things to remember from your life coach who did it several times herself.

  1. Hope for easy, but expect it to be hard anywhere from 2 - 8 months. Change is difficult! Your brain will tell you million times to give up. To get back to a familiar situation or environment. It is possibly nothing better, but it is known to you, and just that makes it so wanted by your unconscious self.

  2. Be patient! With the situation and yourself. It takes time to learn a new skill, adapt to a new environment, find new friends, and so on.

  3. Tell yourself that you are figuring it out and better time-camming. We all need support, but sometimes the best support is you, willing to be tonight and get up just one Shore time.

  4. Do not get stuck! Just because it gets comfortable and you are afraid of the unknown once again, your trip is not over, and it is just beginning.

  5. Keep on dreaming big dreams. You came here for something! Your life led you here, and dreams do come true.

  6. Put every effort into making it happen. Don't wait and don't complain, do something.

  7. Take care of yourself! Your body, mind, and soul as much as you can at the time and place you are at.

Thanks for reading till the end.

So what happened at the end of my trip that made me so emotional and reinforced my memories again?

When we disembarked and walked to the parking, I saw her again!

It was the ship I worked my second and last contract. Cararbren Princess was built in 2004 and cruising just like me ten years ago in those same places from the same Port.

Don't be afraid of changes. It is the way of life, and one day you will be surprised how far you have come.

I have several exciting things that are available for you this month:

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