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Reasons why your friends and family might resist your personal growth.

Updated: May 26, 2022

"What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do."

We need to adjust our strategies to keep ourselves up and running with the ongoing

competition in our fast-paced environment. If we fear taking any step, we should do it the

earliest. The more we think, the more complicated our notions will be, leading to the task's


You may face resistance from the loved people around you during your personal growth. These people are reluctant and resistant to change. It will work like a catalyst that will take part and will slow down your movement. 

You are excited about your new motivating thoughts as you are the only force behind the

change, but few people may not share the same enthusiasm. Rest are confused and

frustrated by the latest happenings and afraid to speak about the same. These people continuously dig in their heels, followed by refusing to adopt the new changes. 

This article will discuss the reasons for resistance and how you should deal with it.  

1. Fear of the unknown

Human beings tend to stay within their comfort zone as trying out new things is entirely

unfamiliar. As a result, they will not respond to your development

or try to resist it. On that note, changes due to your personal growth could create an

uncomfortable feeling in their mind.

You can eliminate these things by communicating clearly with the people around you. Don't

promise them anything related to your change. Instead, talk about the probabilities of output. Also, make them believe that they are also essential and part of your change. As a result, it will help dispel the disappointment or things related to that.

2. Lack of conviction

If people perceive no need for change, they will react. Your behavior towards change or

the communication procedure may be lacing somewhere. It may tarnish your process of

personal growth, and you don't want that kind of scenario. Irrespective of the reasons,

conviction about change is necessary to implement it.

3. Not prepared for change

According to the experts, the impact of self-growth is deep-rooted, and it can influence the

surroundings directly or indirectly. On that note, people around you may not embrace

change if they are not prepared. Simultaneously, they might not have time to go through

the new changes. Therefore, they could be reluctant related to your personal growth. To be

precise, changes due to your personal development may affect people's thinking, and they

will respond accordingly.

Of course, you can take a lot of time proving them something, but sometimes it is better just to let go. Let them think what they want to think but keep on doing what you planned. The reason for that is your loved ones will eventually adapt to a new you, or they will leave the discomfort zone. It might be difficult to hear, but it could be a good outcome for you.

4. People may be concerned about the problems associated with changes

The fact is inevitable is that changes in your environment will create ripple effects on your life and life of others. And it could be very different, from what you eat, who you speak with and how you dress or your income and so on. They could not be ready to give up what they had before. Let's say you decided to become a vegetarian, and now your family needs to adapt to what to buy and what to cook.

But you can find common ground and figure out how you take care of those things. And don't be pushy with your new ideas to your friends and family. Tell them our thoughts but in small, digestible portions.

5. People may feel stretched or overburdened

Under given circumstances, your friends and family members may have to inherit tasks that used to be performed by you. Of course, no one wants to add anything to their plate. But possibly, if you can give them good reasoning, they might hear you at least for some time.

Try to give them some time frame for how long they need to do these additional tasks or other solutions for them.

Let's say that you started an addiction program, and no, you have less time to clean or cook. Possibly there is a way of outsourcing it, so you don't put this load on your family members.

Bottom line

Expect to see some resistance, but understand it is normal and don't let it take too much of your time and energy. Remember why did you start your journey and why you are doing it.

If you need profound ideas about life goals, we are here to help you. Book your consultation session today! Talk to your life and career coach and get solutions to make your life easier.

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Mar 08, 2022

Ms Aloshyna shows deep emotional intelligence and consideration for our support people in her article, 'Reasons why your friends and family might resist your personal growth'.

Rarely do advisers address precisely what challenges our support people experience during our personal growth, as Ms Aloshyna has in her article.

For me, the best parts remind me of scripture, and were in sections:

1- Don't promise them anything related to your change. Instead, talk about the probabilities of output. Matthew 5:37

2- ...conviction about change is necessary to implement it.

Matthew 13:5-6

3- It might be difficult to hear, but it could be a good outcome for you.

Romans 8:28

4- And don't be pushy with your new ideas to your friends…

Apr 09, 2022
Replying to

You're welcome.

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