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What To Expect In A Life Coaching Session

In our modern world, life coaching has gained a lot of popularity. Many individuals seek the guidance of a life coach to define their goals and achieve results quickly. However, despite this rise in demand, people still ask me numerous questions about the job of a life coach and what a typical session entails.

Allow me to share a compliment that I have received from some of my clients. They asked me about my certification, which initially caught me off guard. I wondered if I wasn't meeting their expectations. But when I told them about my credentials, they expressed that my approach was similar to that of a therapist. This feedback was truly remarkable because therapists undergo eight years of training and possess more of a wealth of knowledge about mental health disorders, including the ability to prescribe medication if necessary.

For me, it was a badge of honor. Despite my three years of self-education and certification, I was able to offer my clients the same level of guidance and support.

So let's see what life coaching is and what to expect from your sessions.

What is life coaching?

Personal development through life coaching is a collaborative process that empowers individuals to reach their desired goals. The partnership between the coach and client involves identifying objectives, creating a detailed plan for success, and overcoming any hindrances encountered along the way.

Your first life coaching session will involve a dialogue between you and your coach. In this conversation, your coach will aim to understand you and your objectives. They will ask you about your strengths, weaknesses, and hurdles.

Once your coach has gained a comprehensive understanding of your situation, they will collaborate with you to create a plan that can help you achieve your goals. This plan may consist of setting specific targets, recognizing barriers, and devising strategies to overcome them.

You will embark on a journey towards achieving your desired results through weekly sessions that will help you track your progress and keep working towards your goals.

If you're wondering about what happens during a regular life coaching session, here's what you can expect. The session usually lasts for 30 munites to an hour, during which the coach will:

  1. Give you a listening ear: You can discuss your aspirations, obstacles, and visions with your coach, which is a crucial aspect of the process. Often, talking about things helps us gain a better understanding and allows us to articulate our thoughts to someone else.

  2. Ask questions: The coach will ask you questions that can help you refine your goals, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and formulate an action plan to achieve them. To get better answers, you need to ask better questions. That is the most important skill of the coach.

  3. Offer input: Your coach will provide you with valuable feedback on your goals, plans, and progress. It's important to note that coaches may offer their own perspective, but ultimately, it's your thoughts and opinions that matter most.

  4. Provide encouragement: Your coach will provide you with encouragement and support as you work towards achieving your goals. They will also serve as your accountability partner, keeping you on track and motivated.

What to Expect After Your Session:

Once you complete your life coaching session, you'll have a plan to accomplish your goals. Additionally, you'll gain a better grasp of your personal strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles.

Furthermore, your coach will assign you some homework, which may involve establishing deadlines, devising a strategy, or making progress towards your goals.

It's important to fulfill your homework and maintain communication with your coach. This will keep you motivated and focused as you strive towards your aspirations.

You might receive an email with a recall of your session as well.

If you want to make the most of life coaching, it's crucial to come prepared and be dedicated to putting in the effort. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you toward success:

• Before each session, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want to work on.

Be transparent and truthful with your coach.

Commit to taking action and making progress.

• Remember that change doesn't happen overnight, so be patient and persistent.


If you are seeking to achieve your goals and live a more satisfying life, life coaching could be a valuable aid. Ambitious WE offers a FREE initial consultation if you are considering working with a life coach. Book your consultation today and begin living the life you desire.

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