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Who Is a Life Coach, and what talents should one have?

Even becoming a Life Coach in 2020 and not in 2010 when no one knew who is Life Coach was, I am still asked this question a lot.

Life Coaching done right is challenging work!

Clients come to face their insecurities, step out of their comfort zone and build and implement a new plan from now on. The process requires tremendous courage from the client and the coach.

Deciding to hire a Life Coach means you are willing to change something and start working on yourself and your life. Only brave, open-minded people will step out of their comfort zone to hire a Life Coach to be pushed out of it even more.

This profession doesn't do work for you... just like hiring a fitness trainer, you don't expect them to do your squats, but you are losing weight or building your muscle. You know you come for guidance, support, accountability, and additional push when you feel ... well like it is not the right day for a workout.

Like you expect particular talents and skills from your fitness trainer, let's talk about what your standards should be for a life coach.

Open- Minded

The best approach for a life coach is when they have no skin in the game. The best coach doesn't begin with a fixed point of view for your outcome or a way to get there. They don't stereotype and don't compare their client to other people or other clients. A life coach is guided by a client and his perspective for the best life and happy outcome. Staying out of the game emotionally is another big part of remaining open-minded and don't draw your own experiences in the game. And one big thing to remember coach will not decide for you or choose any way of action, but guide you to the right decision.

Demands Accountability

Holding clients accountable is one of the main tasks of a life coach, even sometimes uncomfortable for a client. It is proven by several studies that you get the best results only when you have to report to someone for work that was done. Almost every session begins with a question about what was accomplished from the previous session.


A coach should not have the same lineup for every client. Every client is unique, and there should be no one shirt that fits all. If you think that the coach only spends 30-40 minutes with your session per week, you are wrong; usually, it takes at least 30-60 minutes to get ready for a session and ring yourself to the right state of mind, and separate personal life from being your partner to what you are planning to accomplish.


The level of self-awareness of a life coach should be on high level. If a coach doesn't know themself, they can't guide you to self-understanding. That is why so many life coaches have their own coaches, and they don't feel afraid to dig deeper and work on themself. They should know their limits and possibilities. I wouldn't trust a coach who didn't coach themself or wasn't coached by others. One of the most important components is understanding and letting your client go when you know you can't help them.

That are only a few top talents you need to look for in a life coach when you are ready to start deep-changing work on yourself and your life.


One important rule when choosing your coach is to find one who loves you, not like you. Let me explain here. I love my clients, but I don't necessarily like them and often would not go for a cup of coffee or spend my dinner with one. But I love them to the point of accepting everything they are and everything they have been through; I love them enough not to judge them on any decision they made or will make, and I love them enough to push them out of their comfort zone even when they don't like it; I love them enough to challenge them every session to their best, and I love them enough to see them grow and glow and let me go at any point they are ready.

And my clients might not like me for all that, but after time pass, they will love me for everything we accomplished together.

As always, I am here to help! If you find yourself in the same situation and need your life and career coach support, I am one call away - book your session today!

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