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Why using a daily planner can be brutally effective instead of electronic gadgets.

Knowledge is delicious.”

Indeed, it is. With the rapid development of technology, we can almost hover over our interests anytime, anyplace, with a mobile phone and stable internet connection. As the day passes, the information is being highly electronic. We use a phone notebook instead of journals or notebooks to note a simple thing. According to an Entrepreneur, “I use my own phone notes generally to write down something important. It is handy to access the same anytime in the future. I can edit the notes as and when it is needed.”

Does it mean that notebooks and journals are going to diminish with time? Experts have already shed light regarding this matter. With the hustle-bustle of technology, a notebook or a planner can stir your emotions. Jotting down your daily activities with pen and paper may be effective for you.

The reasons to use a notebook/planner? We are going to discuss it in the following paragraphs. Make sure you are reading the article till the end.

1. Digital disconnection is effective sometimes

Smartphone addiction is a very common issue nowadays, resulting from decreased productivity and anxiety issues. Using the cell phone now and then maybe easy for you, but sometimes disconnection from electronic gadgets can help you taste traditional things. It leads you to spur creativity that you cannot expect. If you are using a notebook/journal, you can help your brain to think out of the box. Additionally, it will also help to break the cycle of checking notifications every few minutes.

2. Helps with time management

Have you recently found that you are barely getting time for everything? The reason maybe you are not effectively scheduling yourself. In our fast-paced life, jumping one thing from another is common but we need to consider every aspect while doing the same. On that note, a planner helps you to schedule every task, appointment with people, and other important things. Therefore, you know what should be an action plan of action without missing any single detail. You can set specific dates and deadlines to help you stay on track under the given circumstances.

3. Enhances your overall productivity

Productivity is the ultimate parameter to measure how much you have improved throughout your career. It plays a pivotal part for professionals and things related to the same. You can write down your work plans in a planner according to the date and time. Consequently, you can add notes regarding the same. You will get the encouragement to complete the tasks amid the other chores. Hatching up with your next moves may seem less arduous, as you have already planned for it.

4. Use it for all-purpose tasks

According to a businesswoman, “My daily planner works like a repository to me. From grocery list to daily to-do list, I jot down everything. Earlier, I don’t use a planner. However, a life coach has advised me to use a planner instead of using gadgets all the time. Believe me or not, it has changed the way of doing my daily activities.”

Likewise, you can also use a planner to ideate and implement throughout your work journey. You can also use the same for sketches, diagrams, etc.

Here at Ambitious WE Life and Career Coaching, Kateryna believes that a notebook is a must to have better results in opening your potential for a better life.


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