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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Let's talk about why successful people get more successful.

If you just said they got it figured out, you are absolutely right. They know how to think in winning mode. Once You get it figured out, it is no longer a brainer for you what you need to think and do to be even more successful.

Our brains are magical and intelligent. But they don't know the difference when you actually winning in life or just imagining it. It is all the same for the brain, it sends the same chemicals to your body in any of these situations, and your body then looks, feels, and acts accordingly.

If you imagined yourself at the interview as confident, relaxed, and professional, your brain sends the positive chemicals to your body, and then you will look as you have all of the above.

On the opposite side, our brains do the same for worries and fail that we repeatedly play in our thoughts; the body will have everything you think right on your face and through your body language. So there is no surprise what your results will be.

One of my recent observations was that my entire body shrinks when I get sick and feel that way, and I don't look confident anymore. When any of my friends see me that way, they know something wrong with me from the first second. Because I think and repeat to myself, "I am sick today," instead of "I am getting better."

Here is one easy way to start working with your thoughts.

Use this self-coaching model.

The basic premise of the Model is as follows:

  • Circumstances are neutral.

  • Your thoughts cause your feelings.

  • Your feelings drive your actions.

  • Your actions cause your results.

The components of the Model are as follows:

  • A circumstance is a neutral fact.

  • A thought is a sentence in your head about a circumstance.

  • A feeling is a vibration in your body caused by a thought.

  • Action is what your feelings cause you to do.

  • The result is the consequence of your action.

The Result is always what your Thought is.

Let's review two models. Positive and negative so you can better understand how it works.

Negative model:

C: I make $45K a year

T: I don't deserve more because this is my limit at this job, and I don't have enough experience.

F: Confused (you can have several feelings, but pick only one that resonates the most)

A: I act unconfident, I accept what I am offered, I never ask for more. I think of getting more training but never going through with it. (actions, it is everything you do or don't do)

R: You don't deserve more, and you are only making $45K

Positive model:

C: I make $45K a year

T: I deserve to make $65K because I am skilled, confident, and experienced only after three years of working in this field. $45k was only the first step for me.

F: Exited

A: I act confident, ask for more every chance I have, and get more training. I am networking with others.

R: You make $65K a year

All information takes time to settle.

I know that I just dumped on you so much of the unknown. But like everything else, it takes practice to get better at anything you do.

The task here is to recognize negative thoughts and replace them with successful and positive ones.

There are other tools to do the same, but if you can learn and start using this one, it can improve your life.

And, of course, I am here if you need help.

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