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Zero Point Field and How Our Thoughts Become Reality.

In the last several months, I became interested in quantum physics and scientific research to find missing links in how our thought could be so powerful.

Reading through scientific magazines and books and attending some exciting events, I made enother discovery that I want to share with you in this article.

In so many books, I found this zero-point field that scientists are talking about and how there are so little that we know of its potential and characteristics.

Zero-point energy (field) is the energy that remains when all other energy is removed from a system.

Try to explain in a simple way that, even if we remove absolutely everything, the print of energy of what existed stays in this field. All information is stored with energy that can't be deleted or destroyed.

So everything that exists or existed has an energy imprint, and everything that will exist is created from this same energy.

Our thought is energy as well that travels through this field and can come out into a matter in the future.

You remember this phrase:

Be careful what you wish for...

I would say be thoughtful about what you think about and wish for, as all thought created in our brain is energy that travels through the zero-point field as well.

You know, some people can come up with some genius solution by putting several puzzles together that have never fit before; out of nowhere. They usually describe it as muza or as something or someone talked to them, and they were able to come up with this creation, not knowing where it came from.

So what if they were able to tap into this field of energy and information and pull all of it together?

Another explanation for how our fantasy books and movies sometimes become a reality.

Amazing information... right?

But what it has to do with you and me and our life?

Everything... everything is created from energy, including you and everything around you. Your thought is energy... now knowing this, will you think of a different thought that can influence how you live your life and potentially your children, the entire world, or maybe even the universe?

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