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11GPRS0O21add5wheeltransportforredirides321F69A1r009901100004{C13F5750-0989-4B5A-AFB4-34F7B8F60D9D}{b6c9f86d-9bed-4ec0-aa7e-d7bd1c5a0f7e}Registered OpenMobile - Device Management Client OpenMobile is a client application designed to manage wireless devices and configure voice features using a Wi-Fi connection. If you have a wireless device with iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile devices, you can use this application to configure your wireless device to join your wireless network, retrieve your profile and settings, and view detailed information about your device. After installation, you can manage your device by authorizing the application to use your Wi-Fi network, and you can connect to the wireless network using the provided password. The OpenMobile app is distributed as a mobile app and a PC (desktop) application, and the PC application is distributed as a file, which is used to install the app on your wireless device. The client app communicates with a server application (OpenMobile Server) that is installed on your PC or on a Wi-Fi network. The app communicates with the server to receive instructions and configuration information. Some of the features provided by the OpenMobile server app are described in the following list: Manage devices with iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile devices Configure and manage voice services Manage a connection with the OpenMobile server Configure and manage accounts for mobile devices and Wi-Fi hotspots Manage the configuration of a wireless router or access point Configure and manage the security settings for a Wi-Fi network Install the OpenMobile server on a PC The following list describes the features of the client app. OpenMobile - Features Configure a connection with the OpenMobile server The OpenMobile server manages all the connections between the client app and the OpenMobile server. You can specify whether the connection should be authenticated or not. For example, you can configure the connection for a Wi-Fi network with an SSID that is known to all the devices on the network or for a wireless router or access point that is not connected to the Internet.




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