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Have You Ever Felt Like You Had to Justify Being 'Just a Mom'?

You might already know or have heard that On January 5th, 2024, I became a mother for the second time and had a daughter named Eva. Today, I want to celebrate all mothers out there, especially those who face difficulties in returning to work because of their skills list. Have you ever felt like you had to justify being "just a mom" when someone asked about your profession? I understand this feeling, even though I have several professional titles and additional certifications. Especially now that I am spending a lot of time at home with my newborn, I tend to feel small and underestimate myself.

I work with many women who have been stay-at-home moms and are now returning to their careers. They often feel lost, thinking that they lack the skills to take on high-level positions. Women tend to make their skills and talents invisible to others, including themselves.

I asked myself this question and realized that I have many skills that companies would value. Here are some professions that most moms do but don't think of as skills:

  1. Cook: Women are mostly responsible for feeding their families.

  2. Housekeeper: While taking care of the kids and spouse, cleaning is mostly on you.

  3. Laundryman: Or should I say, Laundrywoman? With four family members, including a husband who does landscaping, a toddler who I think helps my husband part-time, and a newborn, I have at least 6-7 loads every week. My empty laundry basket happiness usually lasts less than 5 seconds.

  4. Personal Grocery Shopper: Do you like to go to Walmart? I honestly do not so much. Once you walk into the door, it feels like a black hole that sucks you in for at least 1-2 hours, and you have to do it every week, if not sometimes a few times a week.

Now, professions and roles that we do not think of right away and that are way more demanding than we think:

  1. Meal prep specialist: Are your kids going to school? Then, lunchboxes are probably on your to-do lists, and I am sure you are trying to make them nutritious and healthy.

  2. Personal Assistant: We are planning and coordinating family calendars, doctor appointments, and activities for children, partners, and pets. Running errands: This could include anything.

  3. Party planner: Organizing family gatherings, celebrations, and holidays, ensuring everyone has a memorable time. Decorating and ordering food and drinks are all on this list as well.

  4. Logistics Coordination or a personal driver: Arranging transportation for every child. School, classes, games, and physical activities. Make sure to fill up your gas tank on time.

  5. Household Budgeting and Finances: Creating and maintaining a household budget, paying bills, and managing grocery shopping.

  6. Information Hub: Acting as the central point of contact for family communication, relaying messages, and keeping everyone informed. Have you ever felt that you are the only person who knows or is supposed to know everything in the house? Including where every family member's socks are. That is definitely me!

  7. Early Childhood Development Educator: Engaging in activities that stimulate children's learning and development through play, reading, and educational outings. And you need to keep your toddler busy as well, so he or she can burn that energy till the end of the day.

  8. Emotional Support: Providing emotional support and guidance to family members, fostering a positive and loving home environment, mediating family disagreements and conflicts, and promoting open communication and understanding.

  9. Spiritual and Cultural Guide: Passing on family traditions, values, and religious beliefs to younger generations.

  10. Health and Wellness Advocate: Encouraging healthy habits within the family, promoting physical activity, and researching any side effects of medication and vaccination.

  11. Interior Designer: Creating a warm and inviting living space through decorating, furniture arrangement, and DIY projects.

I probably can keep on going with what we Just Moms do. But the bottom line is being a mother is not just a full-time job but a career that requires many skills. There is no profession that we cannot conquer even after being stay-at-home moms. If future HR knew what we did on a daily basis, they would hire us on the spot.

If you are still doubting whether you can return to your career force and be skilled and professional while also being a mom, I can help you find your confidence and believe in yourself again. Schedule your free consultation to talk more about it.

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