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Looking around and feel like this is not your life?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I know how you feel if you open this title and start reading it.

I was in that same place 8, 6, and 4 years ago.

Don't worry; there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone. Every person feels like they are unsure if that is the life they want to live at least once in their lifetime.

And if this is where you stand today? - it is fantastic because you are ready for a change.

I will tell you about my few experiences.

Nine years ago, when I moved to the United States and didn't have good English, I started to work as a waitress for my first job and made sandwiches for my second job. I enjoyed it for some time, especially in the service industry and in building my communication skills. By the way, it served me in life a big deal. But time went by, and a year after I learned everything I could and made all the money in this job, I was ready for more. Not just for more but much more.

In my head, I had this thought :

I know I am made for so much more! But what exactly?

So here I started to look for different jobs trying to find what more looks like for me.

I looked at many different roles and positions and, at one point, even thought of going to the army.

An army could be a great beginning, but I am glad I didn't make it that far with that idea.

So my next listed job was as a hostess at TGI Fridays, and it became boring in 2 months and made me feel the same again.

I knew I had to learn something new to work at a different level. That is when came my interest in H&R Block. Why? - After working with them for a season at the reception, your tax associate education course is free. At that time, all I could afford was free... So that is what I did. I worked at the reception for a season and then took a 3-month course to become a tax associate.

That 3-month course gave me more than just a certificate and knowledge to do something different. It gave me courage and confidence as well. English being my second language, everything seemed more difficult than for any other person out there.

But as you know, Tax season is only three months... so how to support me in the other nine months of the year?

By the way, I worked with them for four seasons before I decided to finish my Tax career.

So there I was again on the great hunt for my next position where I could show my talents. I wrote down all my skills and thought about what type of job I could apply them to. I checked Indeed daily and saw if the job opportunities that showed up matched my list of skills.

And when I saw the position then, all the skills I had lined up. Interested in what it was? - it wasn't yet my dream management job, but I felt I was getting closer.

I changed my resume, prayed over it, kissed it, and sent it to ResortQuest for a receptionist position.

THEY CALLED ME FOR AN INTERVIEW. It was a win for me. The interview went well, and then I waited, and it was nothing. So I picked up my phone with my voice shaking and called General Manager who interviewed me. I can't remember what exactly I said, but something like, give me a chance; I know I can do it. From that phone conversation, it was clear he wasn't planning to hire me, but that short act of boldness changed his mind, and he said I have a position for you at a smaller building location; I think you will be a great fit there; come back in one week to start your onboarding process. I jumped as height as I could and celebrated.

I have a few tips if you are planning to change your career and get to a management position one day:

  1. Get your resume ready and look good. What made a difference for me? - I hired a resume professional to write my resume - instantly, it raised my value by 10K, and I only spent $300.

  2. When applying to a different position, spend time writing a cover letter and telling them why they want you.

  3. At the interview - try to be confident and show them you know what you are talking about or let them know you can learn fast even if you don't know the topic.

  4. Don't be afraid to call them three days after the interview, maybe not even once.

  5. Can't make it straight to the management position? - ask them to hire you for other positions at this company to prove you are the right fit.

  6. And in case you failed this one time, you learned, and next time you have no fear of jumping into it again.

  7. Hire a coach, and you will reach your goal 3-4 times faster.

What took me nearly four years to get to my first management position, you can accomplish in a year or less.

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