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Why "Ambitious WE" is created?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I want to tell you a little about my "why."

My name is Kateryna Armenta, and I moved to the United States in 2013 for the American Dream.

Before I decided to settle down, I spent five years looking for myself and discovering what I was capable of. I traveled, loved, lived, learned, and made mistakes. We all do that when we are young, right?

Moving to the U.S. was my think-through decision; it took me two months to take the step while working as a receptionist in Crimea (The Black Sea) in a hotel located right by the water. Then one day, I packed my bag, called my mom, and asked her to buy me the next available ticket. The ticket was available in 2 days, so I jumped on the train to make it to my city the next day. I came home to say hello to my mom, repack my luggage, slept the night, and the next morning was on the way to Kyiv to take my flight to Panama City Beach.

In the first two months, I discovered that the "American Dream" does not fall in your arms and must be earned.

A lot happened in 8 years of living here, and I will tell you more in my blog or maybe already did...

But what made me who I am and empowered me throughout all these years? - The support of my mom for everything and anything I did and do.

Realizing how important support is to any woman out there that might not have a friend or relative like that, I was called to become an Ambitious WE Life and Career Coach.

Find your calling!

P.S. 2012. Working at Princess Cruises.

The picture was taken in Ketchikan.

City in Revillagigedo Island, Alaska

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