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A life lesson that hit me right in my head!

Hello, my dear reader.

I have a story from last week that I am eager to share with you. Last week I had a fantastic opportunity to get a private class. You might know that for about a year, one of my exercises has been kickboxing. I go twice a week on a regular basis. It is a high-impact class, and nothing about it is easy; even after a year of practice, it doesn't get easier. So last week, I came to my regular class on Thursday, and it happened that I was by myself. No one else decided to show up for that class that day. So it was my lucky day! The instructor decided to give me a private hands-on

on lesson. Fifteen minutes in, I thought I was dying. But here I am, hearing this song playing with the words "Just keep moving" right at the time when I was about to put my hands down. At that moment, I thought to myself you can push just a little bit more. And when I did, something magical happened; the second wave of energy came over me. I could finish, and in 30 minutes only, I burned 300 calories. If you didn't know, it is kind of a lot - I think. I was so proud of myself when I walked out of the class. As well I realized in life same happens often.

When you are on your last breath to fight for something or keep on going, if you think, "if I push just a little bit more, it will get easier." When you do, It will make you proud.

It isn't easy to believe that it will get better or easier in times like that. I have a few tips that I hope will help you with that moment when you are ready to quit.

1. Believe, hope, and remember. After the night always comes the day; after winter comes springs.

Life will have seasons too. Our difficult times make us appreciate good times. It gives us the strength to grow.

2. Understand what is out of your control (situation, other people) and what is in your control (your thoughts, emotions, habits, and love for others).

If it is out of your control, you need to accept it and let go. Things in your control - figure out how to take control back. So often, in situations like that, we try to do the opposite. We try to control what we can't and say or think we can't control ourselves. Remember what is under your

control and what is not.

3. Let your emotions and feeling out.

It doesn't serve you well to hold everything in. If you keep doing this, you will end up with some illness. It is proven that so many illnesses are triggered by stress and holding it in, thinking you have it under control.

Tell someone, go scream, and punch the bag until you can't anymore. To be angry, sad, mad, or emotional is ok; it is normal. It is not a weakness to let it out. Don't be afraid to be judged, be afraid to get sick by holding it in.

4. Keep pushing through.

You probably knew I would say this; the story says it all. What if you give up? It is not going to get better if you do. If you need a break, take one and get back to it.

5. Love yourself.

Love yourself broken or successful, sad or happy, healthy or not. Love yourself first because you are the only person you have to deal with and live with your entire life.


If there is a song that inspires you to keep going and lifting your spirit, share the name with us in the comments. Here are a few of mine:

Rise up - Andra Day, I am Yours - Lauren Daigle, Flames -David Guetta, Sia.

Share what else helps you in your difficult times.

With Love,

Your Life & Career Coach

Kateryna Armenta

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