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Act today like you are the one to change the world tomorrow.

Yesterday when eating my launch at Chicken Salad Chick and looking at all the people around me, I remembered one situation from my life that I wanted to share with you.

How often we look at the world thinking that I am so small and it is just me, I can't change anything, or there is nothing big I can do to influence anyone.

Today I am here to share with you this amazing thought:

You influence someone or something that impacts the entire world every minute of your life!

You are probably underestimating your connection to the world and the people around you. We never know at what moment in our lives, where, and who we will meet on our life path, but one small talk, look, or action can change humanity's future forever.

Not once do I hear or read a story from someone famous who said it was this one moment when they talked to this person that made them decide to do what they have done.

The chain reaction could start with you but go far beyond your knowledge, understanding, and expectation.

I found this chemical chain reaction picture that represents so well what we could do by any of our actions or just being in the right moment in the right place could do :

A chain reaction is a type of chemical reaction that repeats over time. The products generated in a single reaction cycle become the reactants to initiate the next reaction.

Here is my little story from years ago:

At 19 years old, I used to be a dance teacher, first in Ukraine and then in Poland. I started in Ukraine with a small group of girls ages 14-17. I loved it and poured all my heart into it. I saw some being more talented in dancing and some not as much. Nevertheless, I gave every girl a lot of attention and sometimes spent just a little bit more with those who had struggled to express their feelings through the dance. To me, it was the most important component of a passionate modern dance...

Years passed, to be exact, seven years. I already lived in the US and decided to visit my mother back home in Ukraine. One day, when we used local transportation to get to my mother's house, a beautiful young girl came to me. She said: " Thank you so much, you changed my life! Because of you, I fell in love with dance, and now I am traveling the world with Ukrainian Folklore Dance Grupe. I love what I do, and I am so happy to be able to share it with so many people."

To my surprise, it was a girl I had never thought was a talented dancer then, but it didn't matter. Because of those few extra minutes together exploring her potential to express feelings through the dance, she now has her own impact on the world.

At that moment, I felt amazing. I thought to myself just that tiny action had such a significant impact, and I would never know how far it went.

Act today like you are the one to change the world tomorrow.

When watching all these people coming and going from the Chicken Salad Chick place, I realized every person there has the potential to change the world, if not directly, then through a chain reaction.

Today I am blessed to hear words of gratitude more and more often from my clients who changed their life and now caring for their missing to the world, but every time it brings me back to that first story.


Every moment of your life, act like you have the power and potential to change the world, and you never know what impact this one small person can make.

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