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Are You Stressed Or Joyful During Holidays?

It is Monday morning, November 14th, 2022. Oh, Gosh, the year is almost over. Did I do enough this year? Did I accomplish what I planned? And on top of that, Holidays are coming, so many things need to be done; where do I start?

These are the thoughts I woke up to today.

If you are anything like me, you probably have the same thing hanging over your head before the Holidays.

It is "THE JOYFUL" time of the year. But so many of us, especially women, get stressed out during this season.

So in this article, let's talk about how to take the stress away from a Life Coach's perspective.

Planning and Reflecting

If you are like me and when the year comes to an end, you think about what was accomplished and what was not. And if, at one point, you realize the year is almost over and what you thought would happen for you didn't. You still have time. In fact, don't hope for the new year's resolution to work... it never does. So take some time to reflect, and don't be afraid to start planning now and not when January comes. Vision Board Creation Event is Coming Soon!

Decorate For Joy, Not For Stress

Of course, as women, we are expected to have our holidays together with the best-decorated house and the best dishes on the table. But don't make it a curriculum that runs you over. Do it if you enjoy it and as much as you enjoy it. If only one Christmas tree makes you happy, then maybe it is enough.

Self Care, Not Self Bury

During holidays, there is so much that needs to be done, and we forget about Self Care. For someone, Self Care is going to the Gym, and for others is reading a book, or maybe it is something else for you. This is not a time to bury yourself in the holiday to-do lists and forget to take care of your needs to keep yourself sane.

Budget And Don't Over Spend

My holidays always were very simple as I was growing up, I would get one gift under the tree, and that was all. Some years it was only a bag of mandarins and chocolates, which were the best holidays ever. Suppose I am the one who has to tell you that, and I am ok. Your children don't need a pile of gifts under the tree, especially if you can't afford it and have to go into debt to have it as others do. They need your attention and calm, not stressed-out parents. I watched how some homes buy 100 gifts for each child, and when I watched those children unpack, they don't even stop to look at what was inside that gift and if it is meaningful somehow. That is all I will say here, but remember, sometimes less is better.

You Can't Make Everyone Happy

You can't make everyone happy. Someone will be disappointed with you or the gift. All you can do is try and remember happiness is within them. You can't force someone to be happy. Just accept it and don't fixate on it. Happiness is within you, and you can choose to stay in that state of mind.


Holidays are the magical time of the year, but remember the reasons for the celebration and educate your children the right way about it. Remember to stay sane because no JOY will come if you are stressed knot about your family and holidays. Sometimes taking it easy is a good choice.

Your Life & Career Coach - Kateryna Armenta

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