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How technology is affecting our lives: things you don’t know yet

We cannot deny the influence of technology in our daily lives. From daily necessities to extensive innovations- technology is interspersed everywhere. To be precise, we are fully immersed in the digital age- the lynchpin of our civilized world, where we reside with our near and dear ones. However, experts have also found the adverse effects of technology. It can be addicting, which also affects our communication skills.

According to an American scientist, indiscriminate social media and mobile devices can lead to psychological and physical issues, including eyestrain and other severe problems like depression or anxiety. He also added that over-usage of technology might significantly impact developing teenagers and children.

This article will discuss the psychological and physical effects of technology.

Psychological effects

As stated earlier, indiscriminate usage of technology may have adverse psychological effects. Here we go-

1. Anxiety and depression

According to a study, there is a link between social networks and mental health issues: anxiety and depression. This study refers to mixed results-

  • People receiving positive reactions and support on social media platforms appeared to have significantly lower levels of anxiety and depression.

  • People who received negative social media interactions and comparisons with the natural world experienced higher levels of anxiety and depression.

The usage of social media is helpful in terms of accumulating and sharing information, but these scenarios can trigger mental issues affecting the overall day-to-day productivity.

2. Isolation

No doubt that social media is a boon to mankind. However, it has the opposite effects in some scenarios. As per a study, young adults who are using social media now and then are more likely to feel isolated than those who are not using social media.

However, social media applications should be used by setting time limits. In turn, it may help to alleviate the feelings of seclusion.

3. Impact on relationships

Technology may have spruced up our lives and already taken them to a new level, but the dark side of the same is yet to be revealed by common people. Do you believe if we say it directly affects our communication procedure?

Yes, you heard it right. The primary cause of misunderstanding things is miscommunication. It may arise while communicating via email, text messaging, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Therefore, any unintentional message can spoil the flow of a healthy relationship. Technology and communication are interspersed, and sometimes the confluence of the same may cause an unexpected hazard.

Nearly millions of messages are sent and received simultaneously in these days and ages, including personal and business texts. People should be careful about the words they are using, irrespective of the context.

4. Children are losing the ability to interact face to face

Technology is continuously eroding children’s confidence, making them less productive. While they are supposed to “paddle their own canoe,” they are dependent on their parents/teachers.

This is just because of the technology, and it prolongs the effect. According to an English professor, “90% of today’s kids are busy with the smartphones, either doing online classes or playing games. As a result, they are not getting acquainted with the outer surroundings. It leads them to lose the ability of personal interaction when it’s needed.”

Physical health effects

Besides psychological effects, there would be physical health effects too. It may tarnish the entire system.

1. Sleep issues

According to research, blue light is the primary reason to affect the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Additionally, the effect may make a person harder to fall asleep or lead a person to feel less alert the next day.

Inadequate sleep may affect work and its related productivity. Similarly, it may affect the study progress. It is undeniable that it is impossible to amp up without the aid of technology, but it is also true to check the steps whether it’s causing harm or not.

2. Poor posture

Nearly 95% of the total population uses computers and mobile devices to finish their regular activities. While adults spend 8-9 hours in a day for their work purpose, children hold their tabs/laptops for educational purposes. This may contribute to incorrect posture, which can lead to musculoskeletal issues.

Many gadgets promote a “down and forward” user position, which means the user needs to be hunched forward and looking down at the screen. It can put an unnecessary amount of pressure on the neck and spine.

3. Reduced physical activity

Digital technologies are the lynchpin of an uncluttered and productive workflow. However, the extensive usage of digital technologies promotes a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, it may lead to adverse health effects including-

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Obesity

  • Premature death

As per a study, active technologies, including app notifications, alerts, and wearable technologies, may promote exercise to reduce sedentary behavior.

Steps need to be followed for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Not to be dependent on technology round the clock- Yes, technology is indeed considered a boon. Likewise, one should be cautious about their mental and physical health too. To eliminate any untoward situation, the habit of depending on technology now and then needs to be stopped. Choosing the alternatives would be a great approach to live a healthy life.

  • Emphasizing physical interaction- Sending and receiving messages is the new norm of maintaining relationships, but does it mean cutting physical interaction away from our lives? If not the maximum, it can be at least minimum. Physical interaction helps to know people and their notions, which is sometimes not possible over electronic chatting. Putting more effort into physical interaction can increase social awareness, day-to-day activities of a particular person, and their perspective about life.

  • Reading books- Books have no other alternatives. This is a trove of knowledge, which can help to provide insights into a particular thing. Reading books on various niches could lead to accumulating information for various happenings around us. Not only that, but it also provides a helping hand to get acquainted with the surroundings.

  • Performing exercise- Flushing out the toxin and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be the utmost preference in this hustle-bustle of regular life. Exercises help to improve the blood flow while leaving the body in a relaxed posture. Switching off the gadgets and performing the regular exercise will have it all.

  • Saying “no” to anti-depressant pills- Psychological changes may have a detrimental effect. To escape the same, pills are not the answer/solution. Technology may endorse taking the pills, but one should refrain from taking the same.

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