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Possessed By Cellphone.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

My trip to my son's swimming school made me think of what I am about to tell you.

You know it was an entire month from the last time we attended his swimming class, he was sick on and off, and I didn't feel comfortable taking him.

We finally were completely clear yesterday, and I was excited to take him again. He loves the school and lessons, and I get 30 minutes of deep thinking about interesting questions.

Yesterday wasn't an exception; I even took my planner. I didn't have time to plan my week on Sunday, so I thought, ok, perfect 30 minutes to write my priorities for the week... book writing, family time, and a new blog post.

Usually, I had no problem planning or thinking; people would sit quietly with their faces to their phones, scrolling through social media.

Yesterday wasn't any different, except for this one lady... I almost moved close to her to say something...but then decided that, hopefully, a blog post could reach more people.

So here I am writing about things that I thought were obvious, but more cell phones have become part of our life, less anyone talks about Phone Etiquette, or maybe better to use the term CELLPHONE ETIQUETTE.

Twenty-five years ago, I remember my dad told me what phone etiquette is; you say your name and the location they reached and ask them how you could address their call.

Then my first job added a few more things like:

  1. Answer the call within three rings.

  2. Immediately introduce yourself.

  3. Speak clearly.

  4. Actively listen and take notes.

  5. Smile when you talk.

  6. Ask before putting someone on hold or transferring a call.

I remember this now. If it is a business phone, most like, you will hear me say Kateryna at Ambitious WE Life Coaching. How may I help you? To start with.

I am sure people over 30-35 will remember that as well. I mean, we all knew it. I am pretty sure we learned it at school as well.

But what happens now is we rarely talk about CELLPHONE ETIQUETTE. So rare that when I pointed one area to my husband, he thought I was a little bit crazy, and he couldn't understand why it should be necessary.

Most young and not-so-young people are so obsessed with their phone that any time it makes any sound, all their attention goes there immediately. Sometimes even without any notice, we pick it up automatically if we feel a bit bored by conversation or don't follow along, or just because

the cell phone is there, and we feel a need to scroll through social media just a little bit more.

The phone could be a blessing, but it can be a curse. And the more we go that way, the more it makes me feel like it is a curse for most of us. Only a few can get the most out of it by giving the least of themself to a piece of technology.

Ok, I want us to travel back in history a little bit and remember why in the first place, phones and cell phones were created. - to connect with people, to have a conversation with someone you could not face at that moment, then video calls made a big difference, and social media was created to connect too. But somehow, we went from a good intention to a pure result of disconnection from people around us and the world in front of us.

This might seem out of my work, but it is an important topic.

So Are you curious about what happened in those 30 minutes?

A lady sitting next to me watched reels with her sound on full blast, not minding anyone else in the room. To my surprise, she was in her 30th and felt absolutely fine doing it.

I was itching next to her, thinking, should I say something ...

That is when the idea for my argumentative article was born.

Today I will talk to you about CELLPHONE ETIQUETTE.

1. When using your phone in public - silence it.

When you are in any public place close to other people, be it a bus station, bus, waiting room, or any other area with other people, silence your phone. Not many people want to hear 100 texts and notifications coming through. If you are watching a video on your phone, make sure to have headphones on or watch with no sound on. If those two are not an option, don't watch it at all.

2. Put your phone down if you are with someone and trying to spend time with them.

This seems a more significant issue than we think. I see families at the diner, couples on a date, friends at lunch on their phones, and so on. Remember you meet with the person to spend time with them, not with your phone. PUT IT DOWN! If that doesn't help, hide it in a bag or leave it in a car. Imagine if you met with someone to share your day, and all they do is look at their phone, not listening. How would you feel? They probably feel the same way.

3. If you need to take a call or call someone immediately- excuse yourself and walk to the side.

I see this happens now so often; you are with someone in person, then your phone rings, and you just out of the blue pick up the phone and start talking to someone else, leaving the other person wonder if they are even there... did you see them and did you hear them talking. So what to do, decline a call and call back later? If it is an important one, apologize, let people know you have to answer and walk a few feet away, then come back, apologize again, and ask where you left off.

4. Control your voice volume in public when on your phone.

The best thing is to walk out when you need to talk. If it is not an option, speak quietly. Speakerphone is not a good idea either.

5. Don't talk about someone's business in front of others.

This is just a matter of privacy. Well, even the bible says gossiping is not good. Leave alone on the phone when other people can hear you too. This is NO - NO.

6. No Picture taking or video and using it in social media without prior agreement.

We all love that funny videos taken in the gym or on the street, where you can see and recognize people if you would know them, without thinking that this is a private matter.

If you are taking a video, let people know and ask their permission for the same picture. There are a lot of people who would not want to be put in front of others on social media.

Remember who is in control of your hands and eyes.

It is YOU, not YOUR PHONE.

That is it for today. Let the phone be your blessing, not your curse. Don't get possessed by it. Remember who is in control.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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