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Setting New Year’s Resolution? Ask these 8 questions yourself today – A Guide from Kateryna

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Are you all ready to make a toast of bright next year filled with peace, hope, and new beginnings?

To be very honest, we all are waiting for the good things after these pandemic-laden times. We are just enthused by the new year and its new beginning, from making more money to burning out the extra calories. These are just the mere words that carry the ideas and thoughts in their formative stages rather than alchemizing the same from page to progress. However, intending to get a promotion or be kinder to yourself, you should set goals that don't feel pointless.

In this regard, we spoke to Life Coach Kateryna Armenta about setting realistic resolutions. Following are the excerpts.

1. Do I want to meet just a mere goal or more than that?

A goal and an intention are the two facets of one's capabilities. A goal is related to a future occurrence. On the other hand, the intent is the present tense of your state of mind. That is why Kateryna puts more stress on intention setting as it has more flexibility and fluidity. In her words, intention setting helps keep the foot in today's world, which will create a better tomorrow.

2. What is the reason to do the same?

It would be a lot easier for us to learn to point out the "what" while setting out our goals. For instance, if you are looking for a new job, sort out the involved perks to help you achieve your goal, and you can identify as many specific benefits as possible.

You can also jot down the lists you want to achieve—based on your current situation, interwoven the points. It might help you to establish whether your resolution will bring up the moment you are looking for.

3. What would be the perimeter that will define the success of achieving my goals?

Measuring the regular work will help you gauge your progress and hatch up your steps accordingly. According to Kateryna, "Bifurcate your bigger goals into smaller ones, so that you can track the same week after week. A small notebook can be your companion where you can record all the latest happenings. You can also take the help of your friend/colleague, who will also take part in the same and point out the real-time measurement." Once you finish all the interims targets, then you are on the sail of achieving success.

4. Should I start irrespective of all the odds?

Achieving your goals is just like climbing on the mountain peaks. You should work on it despite all the hurdles and rejections. Kateryna said, "Don't stop dreaming. I urge you to dream, and it will motivate you throughout your journey. Once you start moving, people will start to acknowledge you." She also added, "Weakness gives the birth of strength within you. Let it go until weakness succumbs to the strength."

5. How to stick to my goals during the phase of weakness?

Even the rose has thorns. Likewise, You may face several odd situations while meeting your goals. You shouldn't feel low in any sense. Work hard until you reach your goal. Don't let your brain shut if you are in trouble and think nothing can be done to stop the inevitable. If every door is closed, there must be a window. Even if the window is closed, try to change the lock to get out.

6. Should I depend on somebody while achieving my goals?

Based on your severity of goals and their subsequent points, you may have to depend on somebody. The person should be friendly to get the facts from your progress and to help you accordingly. When you ideate something part of your journey, you don't know where it will overlap with another thing. On that note, a friend/near and dear one who knows closely can help you get you on the right track.

7. Should I keep the resolutions a secret?

According to Kateryna, "Few people tell their resolution to a plethora of people, and it helps them to feel compelled to succeed. In contrast, the others tell their resolution to a handful of people. In turn, the commitment stays internal, followed by leaving them free from external pressures."

8. How will I reward myself?

After passing all the thick and thin, it's your time to congratulate yourself for working voraciously as per your schedule. With all the sharp turns and meaningful decisions, you will soon taste success. The platter will then be full of outstanding achievements that you can cherish for a long time. Sip, sparkle, and celebrate!

Finally, make sure the journey to completing the resolution is representative of how you want the answer to the feeling after it is completed. You'll realize that the main advantage of the resolution isn't often the ultimate result but rather the journey to get there.


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