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Not The Future You Expected

In the last 30 years, we have seen more computer progress than our grandparents in their entire lives.

I remember how excited I was to get my first stationary computer in high school and my first cellphone with a color screen, three games, and several ringtones. And now, less than 20 years later, I talk to my google speaker in the morning to find out what my day looks like, world news, and the weather. But it doesn't end there. Whenever I mention something that I want or am interested in, I see it immediately as soon as I pick up my phone and open some social media.

Did you wonder how this is happening? Not just that... how Netflix knows what to offer you the next show or movie based on your previous choice, how Youtube shows precisely what you like, and how Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can keep your attention longer than many other things in your life. is a big reveal that you have already heard of but probably didn't think much of it but just another technology - AI (Artificial Intelligence). It all started with Deep Blue program that could play chess to win the game. Then in 2017, AlphaZero AI beat another human-written program 28-0. The program taught itself so well that world chess champions never thought of some strategies the program used.

Then another crazy implementation in 2020 to find an antibiotic for a bacteria that many scientists had no luck with. And now, so many things in our life run with the help of AI.

You might be surprised to know, but AI could also write even one of the previous articles you've read. And, of course, let's not forget that AI art is one of the latest trends in our social media world.

To make it even more real, I listed here a few other ways we already use it in our daily lives:

  1. When you book a flight, it is often an artificial intelligence, no longer a human, that decides what you pay. And when you are finally on the plane, an AI system assists the pilot in flying you to your destination.

  2. AI systems also help financial structures determine your credibility for a loan.

  3. It helps to figure out companies if you are suitable for the job you are applying to.

  4. Several governments are purchasing autonomous weapons systems for warfare, and some are using AI systems for surveillance and oppression.

  5. AI systems help to translate texts you read.

  6. Online AI doctor who can diagnose you by symptoms and prescribe a simple medication.

  7. Google home and Alexa live almost in every home now.

  8. Now self-driving cars are becoming a reality.

I could remember just a few things from the book I recently read and researched, but I am sure there is much more use for AI that we might not even know.

You might wonder what a life and career coach has to do with AI topic and why this topic is important.

Humanity is moving so fast in this direction that we don't have time to think about the best way to implement it without harming our minds and feeling of self-worth and belonging.

By the way, while writing this article, I received an invitation to participate in a google experiment called Brad. Today, March 21, 2023, Google opens up limited access to Bard. It is a new race to deploy AI. Bard offers users a blank text box and an invitation to ask questions about any topic they like. I had to stop writing and look at that as well, it is in the news, and I could not leave this one out.

Looking into the near future with a personal assistant that will know you better than you or your parents and possibly hold your attention for much longer than Social media do now.

But what bothers me the most is that so many things that used to be only created by humans, like art, music, books, songs, and other creative ways to express our feelings now transforming into Artificial intelligence skills.

I know people love to make it simplified and as easy as possible. Now by implementing AI everywhere, we can make life easier. But will it be easier, or are we creating hell in heaven?

I could not to think of this experiment - "rat utopia" as one of the possible outcomes for humanity if we continue so fast with this.

So here I am, life and career coach, asking you to be mindful of how much AI you bring into your life and the life of your children because, just as cigarettes, we might find out 50 years after that it is a deadly substance, but then it could be too late.

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